A rare and precious object sales service in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) in the PACA region

Are you owning some valuable objects that you want to get rid of? Precautions must be taken before taking the decision to sell. The steps to be taken will not put your decision in question, but will ensure you that the sale of precious objects in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) and throughout the PACA region respects their real value. Several steps are therefore to be expected with some experts in exceptional objects.

The Wurz company for the sale of rare and precious objects

An array, rare object for saleThis family company located at the Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo has been taking care of precious objects for two generations. In case you are looking forward to selling rare objects in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) and throughout the PACA region, it is essential to contact this company. It has the heart to individually and thoroughly evaluate each piece that is submitted to her. The rarity of the concerned object is studied from every angle. The quality of the manufacture, the situation in the chronology of the art world and the assets that enhance the value of a painting, a medal, a silver cup… are taken into consideration.

We do understand that you want to sell quickly precious objects in Monaco (PACA region) and throughout the Alpes Maritimes department. In this sense we take care to send you quickly a detailed quote of the appraisal to be done before selling a rare object. Be assured that this speed does not affect the thoroughness and rigor we demonstrate. We rely rather on point tools that guarantee millimeter precision in the art of estimating your assets.

After the appraisal, we inform you about the value of each object. If our purchase proposal is convenient to you, you leave us directly with the agreed sum. Furthermore the appraisal is not necessary if you already have some documents attesting the authenticity of your objects. In other words you submit to us an established certificate which has been carried out in a previous evaluation by the experts of your choice.

In case of consignment, the price of your rare and precious objects are defined between you and the Wurz teams. The commission of the company is specified to you so that the transaction can be carried out in all transparency.

The jewelry sale in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) and throughout the PACA region

A watch for the sale of jewelry in MonacoThe jewelry sale in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) and throughout the PACA region is far from being a trivial (insignificant) approach. We are in an era where most of the buyers are rushing to the best prices without taking into account the value of the objects they offer themselves. If you offer (propose) jewelry at high prices you must be able to justify your price.

The brand is an excellent argument. Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccellati, Piaget as well as Chopard are examples of references in this regard. These manufacturers juggle between sobriety and sophistication, skillfully wielding precious metals by crimping them with stones worked with finesse.

When you buy jewelry, you have to take into account its condition. How are the claws that are  maintaining the stone? In good condition? Are the engravings correctly done? Can you identify the hallmarks ? These are several good questions you can have before selling jewelry.

The  Wurz family company has a long sales experience as far as jewelry is concerned. The experts’ wise eye allows them to examine carefully your jewelry to decide on their value and therefore the price you can get.

Coins sales service

Monaco Mint for saleThe sale of Monaco Euros (Alpes Maritimes) and in the PACA region is a delicate operation because each coin has a value of its own whether it is very old or new. Before selling Monaco Euros (Alpes Maritimes), it is essential to identify the face value and as far as possible its date of issue. The metal used and its weight are also important.

The success of a coin sale in Monaco in the PACA region is therefore depending on the specificities of the coin including its state of conservation. Note that it is generally easier to sell coin when this latter has got an historical origin.

You can freely contact the experts of the Wurz company for the sale of your gold or silver coins. You can also bring a certificate of authenticity in order to attest the value of your coins or medals.



Silverware sale in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes department) and in the PACA region

A piece of silverware for sale in MonacoSilverware has always been a symbol of prestige. Declined in the art of the table it is used to receive distinguished guests or on special occasions.  Presented as decorative objects, it dresses the interiors with a note of refinement that does not go unnoticed.

The decision to sell silverware in Monaco and throughout the Alpes Maritimes department and its PACA region gives you the opportunity to give some rare and precious objects to collectors or passionate people. Before selling silverware it is recommended to select the buyer carefully. You must ensure that the lessee knows and respects the value of your silverware because it is not only a question of price. You have to take into account the hours of work that have permitted the creation of an exceptional design, to consider the age of the objects, to evaluate each of its specificities.

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