Purchasing a rare and precious object in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes in the PACA region).

There are purchases that we make without thinking too much, because we are used to it or because the challenge is not too important. There are also impulsive purchases that are irrational. But in a life, there are some purchases that are different from others. The purchase of a precious object is part of it. Because purchasing rare objects and precious ones is an adventure in itself. Such purchases are of particular importance. We carefully think about it, we pay attention and heart, as well as emotion, before taking finally a decision for the right object.

The Wurz company for the purchase of rare and precious objects

A rare and precious object to buy in MonacoBuying a precious object in Monaco and in the Alpes Maritimes department (in the PACA region) is a complicated decision and a great challenge. For that, nothing is better than a professional support that helps you to avoid traps and scams. Because our teams are trained to recognize the pearl and the sure value, and isolate it from bad business flooding the market. Our location on the “Monaco Roc” at the Place du Casino, is therefore ideal. Indeed, the Principality is internationally recognized as a major center of luxury and high-end antiques.
Clients from all over the world are visiting us for the purchase of a rare object in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region). As far as we are concerned, we are a family company whose know-how is transmitted, enriched by new knowledge from generation to generation. To select the best items, to secure your transactions, to accompany you in all steps of your purchase: this is our vocation. The Würz company is staying at your disposal to give you the satisfaction of buying a rare object in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region). And to know the happiness of having at home jewelry, coins or goldsmith’s pieces, extraordinary objects that you will never find somewhere else.

Purchasing jewelry

The purchase of jewelry in MonacoPurchasing jewelry of great value is always a process that you will never forget whether you are a collector looking for the missing and rare piece or simply you have the desire to offer to your loved ones an object they will never separate from.                                                        

Signed jewelry is one of our main field. We are working on the following brands such as Buccellati, Chaumet, Chanel, Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels and many more. The most well known brands in jewelry are part of our daily lives.

The purchase of signed jewelry in Monaco and throughout the Alpes Maritimes department (in the PACA region) is generally based on the notion of pleasure and beauty. Therefore we have to help you to find the object that really corresponds to your desires even when the choice that is offered to you can make you dizzy and scare you. To buy on consignment allows you to find mythical objects whose value is increasing every year. To find with us the object of your dreams. We take care of the rest. You will keep therefore the pleasure of offering and contemplating some objects of unparalleled beauty.                                                                                  

Purchasing coins in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region).

Buy currency in MonacoIn general, the purchase of coins is mainly for collectors or museums or institutions. However it may be an investment, if you choose to buy Monaco Euros. The Monaco Euro coins are belonging to the rarest coins of this new currency. In fact note that these coins are manufactured by the “Monnaie de Paris”. But their prices are Monegasque! Every year they are gaining value and exchanging at much higher rates than a few years ago. The print of these coins are very spaced and relate to confidential quantities. The scarcity and rarity of the Euros of Monaco is making their prices.

The purchase of the Euros of Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region) has become a real opportunity for those who desire to build a sustainable heritage that they will transmit to their children and grandchildren. But buy valuable coins is not limited to Monaco Euros. The coins that we are dealing with are also gold crowns, florins or even

‘cavaliers d’or’.  A real journey in the numismatics world …


A silverware buying service

A silverware object to buy in MonacoWhen we think precious objects, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and gold arise sparkling in the imagination. Nearby, purchasing silverware in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region) seems to be a more down to earth decision. But it is equally worthy of interest.

First, investing in silver is a great idea. Its rate is significantly lower than the one of gold, authorizing larger purchases or accessible purchases at lower budgets. It’s also more liquid than gold, which means, easier to sell. Finally its rate is more volatile. It may seem more dangerous, but it allows considerable capital gains (profit) if you sell at the right time. At last silver is getting scare. We do anticipate therefore a great increase of its price in the next decades. But silverware also becomes an area where craftsmanship has shown creative wonders. We help you to find the candlestick, the candelabra, the seal or the old basin you are looking for. They will enrich and give personality to your heritage.

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