Appraising a rare and precious item in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) in the PACA region.

The estimation of rare and precious objects in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, French Riviera) in the PACA region is our business. The Wurz company is able to put at your service qualified experts in order to appraise your precious objects, be they antiques, works of art from any period, silverware or jewelry.

These objects will be returned to you in perfect condition, with a precise idea of their origin, their history, their state and their value. It is important to underline that appraising a rare object has nothing to do with a visual examination. Our experts will be able to detect objectively the strenghts, the weaknesses and charm of your goods.

This level of analysis will be precious if you plan to sell your object, or if you want to secure it with insurance. For us, appraising a rare object leads naturally to the issue of a serious certificate of authenticity.

The Wurz company, expert in estimating precious objects.

A jewelry to make estimate in MonacoThe appraisal of precious objects in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, French Riviera) in the PACA region, is our job. The Wurz company is a family- owned company that has been specialized for decades in the professional appraisal of rare items. Our know-how is sure.  In Monaco, our premises are located at the prestigious “Place du Casino”.

In this majestic environment you will be our guest, in order to appraise precious objects and family goods. Our appraisal will specify the value of your objects and will tell you about their history. Indeed appraising a precious object, does not consist only in giving you an information about prices. We will be able to give you further details about where the objects are coming from, the signature on these objects, their age, their state of conservation as well as the interest of doing a restoration.                     

It can be an ancient book, a precious vase, a jewel, a painting, each kind of rare object transmitted in your family or something that you acquired recently. Everything that matters to you can be examined carefully and evaluated confidentially by our experts. Every detail will be taken into consideration: their job as expert is a real passion.

The appraisal of your jewelry

The valuation of a jewel in MonacoA jewel is much more than a precious object, it tells a story, it delivers a message. It can be also the work of a creator. Therefore, in order to have your jewelry appraised in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, French Riviera) in the PACA region worthy of the name, contact our teams.

Appraising jewelry is a first step which is essential. It will be then followed, according to your wishes, by the conservation of theses rare objects in your heritage or their sale.

These different situations require the presence of an expert, in order to make a family jewelry appraisal.

The Wurz company is well known in Monaco and throughout the Alpes Maritimes department for its professionalism and for the quality of its jewelry appraisal.

The appraisal of medals and coins in Monaco (in the PACA region)

To estimate the currency of MonacoThe appraisal of coins in Monaco and in the Alpes Maritimes department (in the PACA region) leads to know the value of a collection, or a few coins or even only one. If a coin has been transmitted to you by a great grand-father, it is essential to make an appraisal of it, in order to include it within an insurance and, maybe, transmit it, one day. The appraisal is also very useful when you sell a collection.

Our experts will first analyse the material (gold, silver or other), the weight and the state of each coin. They will report signs of shock, wear, mint quality.  Then they will be able to tell you exactly where the coins are coming from and their actual value.

Our expert are furthermore specialists in the appraisal of Monaco Euros in the Alpes Maritimes department, regardless of the time of manufacture and even if it no longer in use. Specialists to make estimation of Monaco Euros in the PACA region they will be able to give you further details about the date of issue and the face value of these coins.

We are also able to estimate commemorative coins in limited edition.

Estimating old coins or more recent ones, precious metal coins or commemorative medals, estimating Monaco Euros in the PACA Region, will allow you to know the heritage value of your assets and eventually to sell them easier in strict compliance with all confidentiality rules.

Appraisal of silverware

Estimate of silverware in MonacoMany families own a real silver cutlery offered for a wedding in the past or more recently, and wish to know its value or a beautiful silver decorative object.

In order to appraise some family silverware, be they cutlery sets, mismatched or not, dishes, useful objects like ashtrays, candle sticks or light fixtures (luminaires), old trinkets or recent ones, it is better to contact a specialist. Our house has a solid experience

A silverware appraisal in Monaco and in the Alpes Maritimes department (in the PACA region) allows to know the quality of the material of the examined object. It can be silver plate objects or worked in sterling silver. The hallmarks, the Goldsmith’s marks, and the silver weight will be examined. Furthermore, making an appraisal of silverware in Monaco and throughout the Alpes Maritimes department (in the PACA region) allows you to be fixed on the value of the item. The weight, the quality of the size and the smoothness of the workmanship of the item will also be studied. The appraisal will be nuanced in presence of possible scratches or bumps, or in presence of coats of arms.

As we know that the value of an object also lies in sentimental attachment, you can be sure that whatever its material or its pecuniary value, we will take care of your object and will return it to you in good condition.    

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