To make the appraisal of a rare and precious object in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) and throughout the PACA region

The rarity of an object adds more value to it. This latter cannot be guessed after a quick visual examination. It is essential to have the appraisal of a precious object made by a specialist who will detect the assets and the weaknesses objectively.

The Wurz family company for the appraisal of rare and precious objects

A rare and precious object ready for expertiseThe purpose of the rare object appraisal in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region) is to authentify the object submitted to the discretion of the professional who has been approached. It does not consist in filling out a form to describe briefly the condition of the object because some details might be forgotten. The appraisal of a precious object in Monaco (in the Alpes Maritimes department) and throughout the PACA region must be therefore performed by the expert who has the necessary equipment to draw up the identity card of the object.

If you plan to sell or insure a precious object, it is highly recommended to have a rare object appraised upstream. You will then receive a certificate of authenticity that certifies the value of the precious object, whatever its nature.

The Wurz family company is responsible for the rare object’ s appraisal and for  the appraisal of a precious object in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region) for two generations. Antiques and pieces of art are as much as goldsmith’s and jewelry taken into consideration. At the end of the appraisal you will be able to take the right decision about the fate of the object whose value you want to know.

A jewelry appraisal service

Have your jewelery appraised in MonacoMany reasons can motivate the jewelry appraisal in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) and throughout the PACA region. You can have a jewelry appraisal as part of an inheritance, which is yours or that you wish to bequeath, not to mention the simple desire to know the value of the pieces you have. Indeed we speak of appraising individual pieces of jewelry since any one piece can be entrusted to an expert. The gold necklaces and solid silver rings are as important as antique watches, brooches or bracelets. Jewelry can adorn or not precious stones. The experts are in charge of the analysis of the coin millimeter by millimeter. The condition of the setting is examined with the same thoroughness as possible scratches and bumps. The metal is tested in order to determine its real nature, its weight, its origin, the identity of the jeweler who created a jewel out of it.

You will easily understand the reason why an evaluation through internet is not the best solution to attribute to a jewel the value that it deserves.


Coin appraisal (Monaco coins,…) Alpes Maritimes in the PACA region

Have currency expert assess MonacoCoins that do not or no longer have legal tender on traditional businesses are not necessarily worthless. Instead a coin appraisal in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, in the PACA region) could reveal that it is a particularly valuable object. It is therefore conceivable to appraise one Euro of Monaco like you do with commemorative coins that are issued in limited edition. The appraisal of Monaco Euros applies for instance to issued coins for the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Monegasque Palace or the 10th anniversary of the reign of S.A.S. Prince Albert II. Nevertheless appraising one Euro of Monaco is not the only option opened to you. Gold pistoles, gold crowns and gold florins are treasures that deserve to be part of a prestige collection.

More concretely, appraising coins gives you the opportunity to estimate part of your assets. Of course we make it clear that confidentiality is insisted upon when you take the decision to make your coins appraised. Our experts indeed do not mention your identity even if your coins are later for sale.

Silverware appraisal in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes in the PACA region)

Silverware ready for expertise in MonacoThe silverware appraisal in Monaco and in the Alpes Maritimes department (PACA region) does not consist only in the authentication of silver cutlery or pieces that are part of the art of the table. There is an anthology of wrought pieces according to a know-how that is transmitted from generation to generation. A snuffbox dating from the 18th century cannot be appraised in the same way as a basin formely used for the toilet of the lordship or some more recent candelabras of first quality.

It is essential to note that the appraisal of silverware is a sensitive job. The weight is not the only criteria for the appraisal because some details which are often the most important ones may be unnoticed. At first the silver quality is appraised by the expert as well as its origin. He notes the signs which identify the manufacturer who contributes to the value of the object through the quality of his work. Besides some silverware specialists have established an international reputation that remains steadfast even after their death.

Every sign of wear is analyzed. The ?prospects? (perspectives de restauration) of restoration are considered. The regularity of the size is evaluated methodically. You would have understood now that the appraisal of silverware in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes in the PACA region) consists in making a detailed description of the main assets of the object.

By soliciting the know-how of our experts who can authentify rare and precious objects, you benefit from an extreme precision as far as the value of your objects is concerned. Moreover the security of your objects is not to be feared during the process.

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