Appraising a rare and precious item in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes, PACA region)

An object which sounds old-fashioned and ordinary looking object could be a rare object of great value. In the same way, every object is not always valuable. That is the reason why it is essential to appraise your rare object in order to know its real value.

The Wurz company for the appraisal of rare and precious objects

Old books to be evaluated in MonacoThe appraisal of rare and precious objects is a real job and is a passion. We are keen to replace each item entrusted to us in history, to detect its unusual nature and to determine the characteristics that make it an exceptional object. In our opinion, appraising a rare object helps to give it the value it deserves depending on its state of conservation, the restorations it has gone through, its date of manufacture, its home country, its signature…Our experts use rigor and meticulousness looking carefully at the object so that every detail is taken into consideration by their wise eyes. Our numerous years of experience represent a real asset to appraise precious objects with utmost precision. Therefore you can solicit our know-how to appraise a precious object in Monaco in the Alpes Maritimes department (PACA region). We make the appraisal of:

jewelry, silverware, paintings, coins, medals…all the objects that are important to you.                                                                                               

Jewelry appraisal

Have jewelry evaluated in MonacoYou may have inherited an ancient adornment which does not match your tastes, but is however a rare object. The jewelry appraisal is an essential step before the sale if that is your project. It is also possible that you might wish to bequeath your exceptional jewels or use them as a guaranty. In the same way, you just would like to know the value of your jewelry without wanting to part from them. In all cases, it is essential to go through an expert who will be in charge of a very precise appraisal.

It will take time because it is impossible with a simple glance to appraise your jewelry in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes in the PACA region). Our experts take care to analyse the materials used in addition to assessing the quality of the size. They register any signs of wear, check if it is a handmade jewelry, they situate the object concerned in the temporal context. Many steps are thus expected when you plan to appraise your jewelry.

Coins appraisal

Have your currency evaluated in MonacoWhether you are a numismatist attached to your collection or you would like to sell it, it is always wise to begin with the appraisal of the

coins you have. The coins appraisal in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes) in the PACA region consists in analyzing meticulously the state of each coin from a global point of view, and then in every detail. The better the coin is kept, the better its value. The appraisal of Monaco Euros covers multiple criteria. The possibility to identify the coin, its reliefs, the signs of shock (or even better, the absence of these signs), the quality of strike, belong to the characteristics which are taken into account.

Please note that it is possible to make an appraisal of your Monaco Euros for a complete collection or just for one piece. In addition, appraising your coins does not oblige you to sell them. The appraisal gives you the opportunity to know the value of your coins and be free

to dispose of it at your convenience. We are staying at your disposal to evaluate your Monaco euros.

Silverware appraisal service in Monaco (Alpes Maritimes in the PACA region)

Have your silverware evaluated in MonacoA silver cutlery is neither obsolete nor ordinary. The same goes for antique lighting, ashtrays and other objects sometimes useful, sometimes purely decorative. Besides you just need to appraise your silverware in Monaco (in the Alpes Maritimes department) in the PACA region to be fixed on the value of your cutlery as well asother silver pieces whether they are mismatched or they belong to the same collection. The silverware appraisal will allow you above all to know if it deals with silver plated or solid silver pieces.

It is to precise that solid silver is more valuable and in case, easier to restore. Our experts are very much interested in the hallmark that can indicate the silver weight and/or the goldsmith’s mark of the silverware. Some signatures are actually assimilated to first-rate manufacturing, and that, on an international scale.

Some signs such as bumps and scratches can penalize the value whereas the coat of arms that are printed on some silver pieces linked with a famous origin represent a real asset. Appraising silverware also gives you the opportunity to determine the date of manufacture of the ‘serie’ or the coins submitted to the expert.

The quality of the size, the style, the finesse of the work represent some criteria that are adding themselves to the weight of the silver used. It is in fact the association of all these details that are influencing the value of the silverware. For example a pie shovel that has been the subject of complex work and is moreover in perfect condition could be more expensive than a massive candleholder but worked poorly.

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